Who We Are

The Macosko Lab is headed by Evan Macosko, M.D., Ph.D.

Evan received his doctorate from The Rockefeller University, where he worked with Cori Bargmann (C. elegans neuroscience). His postdoctoral work was in Steve McCarroll’s lab at HMS and the Broad Institute. Evan is also a board-certified psychiatrist, and practices in the MGH outpatient clinic one afternoon a week.

Our Team

Chuck Vanderburg

Senior Staff Scientist

Delara Chizari

Graduate Student
HMS PiN Program

Alexandrina Goeva

Postdoctoral Fellow

Tushar Kamath

Graduate Student

Carly Martin

Research Staff

Shirin Shivaei

Masters Student (with Chen Lab)

Robert Stickels

Graduate Student
HMS BBS Program

Joshua Welch

Postdoctoral Fellow


Together with the McCarroll lab, we maintain the home page for Drop-seq:

Join Us

We are seeking talented people (especially graduate students and postdoctoral candidates) interested in working at the exciting interface of genomics, technology development, and neuroscience.  Candidates with backgrounds in molecular and circuit neuroscience, bioengineering, and computational biology are especially encouraged to apply.  Contact emacosko {at} broadinstitute {dot} org to learn more.


Learn more about our research in the videos below:

MIT Technology Review: EmTech